Auto Power Window Repair

When you come to Houston Car Window Repair for auto power window repair, you’re not only getting guaranteed work. You’re getting the guaranteed lowest price as well. We regularly shop other repair shops to learn what they’re charging for these common and often essential repairs. We’ll give you an upfront price quote to prove our low pricing – and every repair comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Remember that we offer expert auto window repairs for all makes and models of vehicle: cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and even motorhomes. The price we quote is always the price you pay. There’s no reason to go to any other auto shop for your power window service, so why wait? Call (281) 661-8182 today to get started.

Common Auto Window Problems and Solutions

Over our years in the business, we’ve learned all about the different problems that your power windows are likely to suffer. It can be helpful to have an idea of what’s gone wrong, so that you know what to expect when it comes to solving the problem. Keep reading to learn more about some common problems and how we fix them.

All windows stop working at once.

If none of your power windows work, it’s probably because there’s been some kind of loss of power to the system. Most vehicles use a single relay or fuse to cover all of the power windows. A blown fuse or bad relay can cause all of the windows to stop working.

However, sometimes the fuse or relay is just fine. If that’s the case, we’ll check the power at the master switch on the driver’s door. All power generally runs from this switch, so if it’s gone bad, none of the windows will work.

One window won’t open or won’t close.

When this happens, the problem is usually in the motor or regulator of that particular window, not the fuse or relay. We check for sound coming from the door when this happens – if there’s no sound, that means the motor has gone bad or that power isn’t getting to the motor. When we hear the motor running, that usually means that the problem is in the window regulator or clutch.

Why You Should Come to Us

Put simply, we’re the best in Houston. We can fix most power window problems in as little as one day. Our service is guaranteed. This is our major focus, so we have all of the tools and equipment in stock and ready to use. Best of all, we provide the lowest prices in town. So save yourself some time and give us a call at (281) 661-8182 at the first sign of trouble.