Auto Power Window Repair and Replacement in Houston, TX

Your power windows are a great convenience in your vehicle, at least until they break. The good news is that the experts at Houston Car Window Repair are here to put those power windows right again. We work on windows for all makes and models of vehicle, and we take care of everything at the lowest price, guaranteed. Give us a call at (281) 661-8182 to get started!

What We Do & Guarantee

  • We repair and replace power windows for all makes and models.
  • We guarantee a free price quote upfront. There are never any surprises with our pricing.
  • We unconditionally guarantee our work with no questions asked.
  • We repair and replace power windows for cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.
  • We fix and replace all parts of your power windows: regulators, motors, assembly, wires, and switches.
  • We offer free pick-up and drop-off service: we’ll drive you to work and then bring you back when your vehicle is ready.
  • Our waiting area is air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi and cable TV.
  • We appreciate your business! Expect a smile and a handshake when we work with you.
  • We guarantee the lowest possible price for auto power window repair and replacement.
Problems We Fix
  • Windows sliding down while vehicle is in motion
  • Windows needing to be held in place with tape or other adhesives
  • Broken windows
  • Window works inconsistently or not at all

Window Regulator Problems

The window regulator is the piece of equipment that controls the movement of the windows; it can be electric or manual. Since this piece of equipment is frequently used, it’s often one of the first to go in the vehicle. The good news is that no matter what has gone wrong with your window regulators, we’re here to help!
A problem with the window regulator is one of the most common causes of window trouble, but it’s not the only one. Sometimes the window switch is faulty, or sometimes the cable might be off the pulley. There are even rare cases where the window gets stuck in the weather stripping. No matter what has gone wrong with your window, you can trust our master auto technicians to find the problem and put it right again.

What to Look Out For

Many times, we can diagnose the problem with your windows in less than 60 seconds. Be sure to be on the lookout for the following window problems. This way, you’ll know when to bring your vehicle to Houston Car Window Repair.

Window Stops Working

There are many reasons why the window might have stopped working. First, assess the problem. Does the glass move only a few inches before it stops, waits for a few moments, then starts again? If that’s the case, the power motor is going and will need to be replaced. If that’s not what’s happening, listen closely as you attempt to use the window. Do you hear the motor running? If the motor isn’t running, it might not be getting power, or the motor might have an open circuit.

There are two ways to check if the motor is getting power. One is only for professionals: open up the door panel, access the wiring, and use a test light or meter to test the motor. An easier way is to simply start the car and turn on the headlights and interior lights. Then try to use the window. If the headlights and interior lights dim slightly, this means that the switch is working, but the motor is bad. Make sure you also try this with one of the working windows to gauge just how much the headlights/interior lights dim during normal operation. If, however, there’s no change at all when you use the switch on the faulty window, the switch itself may be bad. Either way, you should give us a call and come in for repairs.

Window is Off the Track or Binding

Vehicle windows don’t just hop off the track. If the window does look like it’s off the track, this usually means that the regulator is bad. Usually, window regulators use either metal gears (which rarely fail) or a plastic cable-and-pulley design (which frequently fails). If the window has fallen, you’ll need to replace the regulator. If the glass is uneven, the regulator needs repairs. You’ll hear the motor when you push the switch, but the window won’t work properly.

More about Window Regulators

The window regulator is located within the car door, and it helps to raise and lower that particular window. We use our windows all the time, so the window regulators and motors experience high wear and tear and frequently break. Some common problems include excessive strain and breakage, damaged window tracks, old or worn cables and pulley lines, and general wear and tear.

Window Switches

The switch applies power to the window motor. Depending on which direction you depress it, the switch will supply the power to the motor to either move the window up or move it down. Usually you’ll find your window switches in a group of buttons on the door (usually the front driver’s side), but sometimes they’ll be on the console or dash. They’re often found near the door locks.

Window Regulator Repair Parts

Generally, when it comes to regulator repair, all you have to do is repair or replace one or more small parts. These parts include the window guides, rollers, drive tapes, and motor gears.

More Power Window Services

  • We repair and replace all of the following:
    • Regulators and Motors
    • Power Manual Motors
    • Door Locks
    • Window Switches
    • Door Handles
    • And More

    When you need power window repair or replacement, trust the friendliest, most affordable repair shop in Houston: Houston Car Window Repair. Give us a call at (281) 661-8182 today to get started.